Friday, July 16, 2010

Urban Outfitters "Let's Make Up" Event

Since I was getting my nails done a few blocks away from the Urban Outfitters Soho location yesterday, I decided to head over to the "Let's Make Up" event that they were holding for the new cosmetics lines they recently started selling.  I wasn't going to go originally because really, do I need more makeup?  But it was so close by! I can't resist a beauty event.  They were giving out free manicures, but I think mine takes the cake so I was good :).

The event was held upstairs where they usually have housewares.  They cleared the space and had different makeup stations for select brands like Stila, Anna Sui, Manic Panic, Pixi, Demeter, Lipstick Queen and the manicure stations using Urban Outfitters polishes.  They were doing demos and I originally read on the ad that they were having sales on certain items but most of the brands just offered me retail prices, so I'm not sure how true that was.  
Anyways, there were goodie bags for those who made *a* purchase from the event.  Any price!  I'm such a sucker for goodie bags and the silkscreened totes filled with unknown beauty goods looked awfully pretty lined up behind the cash register.  Everything seemed to be around the $20+ price range.  Not reaaally what I was looking to spend.  So the beauty nut in me looked around at all the items, trying to pick up the best bang for my buck. Urban Outfitters nail polish seemed like a good deal at $5, but I decided to go with the Stila It Girl Palette.  That really is the best bang for your buck. 3 full sized eyeshadows for $10 including the infamous Kitten shadow.  I  had my eye on the It Girl Palette since they released it at its affordable price, so my friend Daniela and I both got one and then got goodie bags.

The goodie bags were filled with hit or miss items: Japonesque Touch Up Tube, Manic Panic Dye (in red. anyone want this? haha), NYX Glitter Cream Palette, NYX lipstick, LucyB tinted lipgloss, Cake Beauty body wash, Medusa's Makeup mascara and Demeter perfume.  I think I am most excited for the Japonesque Touch Up Tube Brush Set. Can't have too many brushes! (Mine are always gross and dirty. Ugh)

Some more photos from the event: