Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sephora by OPI Rocker Chic Review

After my pilates class today, I wandered into the Sephora down the block and I was really happy to see that the new Sephora by OPI collection, "Rocker Chic", came out so I can check them out in person.

I'll start with my not so favs.  My first reaction to the collection was: too much brown! 3 out of 9 shades are in the brown family: Dating the Drummer,  Studs & Stilettos and Do I Know You? (this one was more mauvey but I put it in the brown category anyway). I don't like brown on my nails, it's a bit gross to me.  3 browns are a bit overkill.  Also, the swatch for Dating the Drummer looked nice and glittery on the Sephora site but it really isn't.
Go My Own Way, Already Famous, Club Scene Queen

I ended up getting Go My Own Way, Already Famous and Club Scene Queen.  Go My Own Way is supposed to be a sheer muted teal blue, and it's actually really dark. It's almost black in certain lights.  I do like the metallic effect on this, it's really subtle.  Already Famous, to me, is the star of the collection. It's so pretty and glittery without being too much. It's neutral but not boring. Club Scene Queen reminds me of a toned down Absolutely Alice but the glitters are fine and there is no gold. It's very very pretty.  Anything with glitter in this collection is not chunky at all and are a breeze to remove.

They are marketing Just a Little Dangerous on the display as the trend color of the collection.  It's a metallic purple, which I found to be pretty but I wasn't in love with it or found it that special.  Rock His World is a cranberry and it is very on point for fall.  It's mature and wearable.  I liked it on my nails, but I couldn't pull the trigger on that one either.  Fiercely Fabulous is a new addition to their bright reds.  It's pretty, once again not that special but as a red shade, I liked it, just didn't need it.

So that's my rundown of the new Rocker Chic collection.  I tried doing swatches but they kept coming out so blurry!  I have the worst lighting in my apartment.  Flash didn't help either.  Oh well.  If you want them, I can try to post them another time, but they are true to the colors in the bottles.

And a tip if the top display seems to be missing some of the new colors: they are actually added to the bottom/permanent display as well, since they don't have enough spaces on top for this collection which is bigger than previous ones.