Thursday, July 22, 2010

shameless want: lululemon

I recently joined a new yoga studio.  So far I really really enjoy it.  I am currently on a New Student plan which is $40 for one month of unlimited yoga (they also have tai chi and pilates) so that explains where I am after work lately.

Somehow with this new hobby also comes with this desire to get some practical but overhyped yoga clothes.  Or at least an awesome pair of yoga pants?  I really don't know why, to be honest.  I wear Target gym shorts and a tank and I'm good...but I just can't help but be a bit curious!

I keep hearing all these amazing things about lululemon, which upfront appears to be some cult of really overpriced but environmentally friendly workout clothes.  $98 pants, $52 tank tops, $40 sports bras...unreal.  Yet I still want to slip into a pair of their yoga pants!  And maybe a tank top.  From what I read online, they are supposedly comfortable, look and fit nicely, the pants make your butt look good, don't stretch out and get worn out after numerous wears and washes.  I have visited a couple lululemon locations, and of course checked out the sale sections (not that much cheaper) in hopes of finding something I can wear and love and not break the bank.  Nothing for me at the moment, but I'm not ruling it out of a future shopping trip.