Cali Road Trip Part 6: To The Jelly Belly Factory!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Before heading to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, we stopped at this place called Sunnyside Cafe in Albany which was along the way.  Proximity-wise, I know nothing about where I was or how close anything was.  We found this place on Yelp and it was super cute.  I feasted on this pancake friend:

Then it was time to get going to the Jelly Belly Factory.  I had tweeted after we left that it was life changing.  It kind of was.  It gave me Willy Wonka vibes (but nothing is as glamorous as the Willy Wonka factory) and I had so much fun. I came out of the factory an even bigger Jelly Belly fan. Leave it to me to be the ultimate consumer.  Photography wasn't allowed inside the factory, but you didn't miss much - just a lot of machines and containers holding jelly beans.  We got to test three different stages of jelly beans - the center, the center with flavor, and the finished product.  I tried a new flavor too - Sweet Potato! Interesting. 

Where do irregular jelly beans go? They are bagged into Belly Flops and then impulsive people like me buy them in bulk for friends back home. 
The obligatory souvenir photo.
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