A Modcloth Haul

Sunday, January 23, 2011

For Christmas I received a gift certificate to Modcloth from my very good friend Nicki. I didn't think to spend it until about two weeks ago when I saw these Jeffrey Campbell Birdie shoes on there - one pair was available and it was in my size. So I went for it and great news - they fit perfectly! I also threw in this festive blue infinity scarf for when the temperature goes up in a bit later on. It's so soft. Lately all I wear are infinity/circle scarves because they are just so easy to throw on and there's no fuss. Finally, I couldn't resist the chocolate chip cookie pouch. I think I'll fill it with coins. Or maybe reward and punch cards from stores since I seem to have quite the collection growing...

Collective Wellbeing Review on We Heart This!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new review was recently posted on We Heart This for Collective Wellbeing products.  Collective Wellbeing is a bit of a lesser known, paraben-free, natural line whose products are packed with antioxidants, exfoliants and other good for you ingredients.  If you're into gentle products like I am, please do take a look at my review right here!


Despite the annoying slush outside, I went on a dessert date with my friend Jewlie at Kyotofu, a Japanese dessert spot in Midtown. It was great to catch up, gossip and talk about Skins (even though I am maybe 3 seasons behind her), my new British obsession. Kyotofu dessert seemed to focus a bit on green tea, which is not exactly my favorite flavor in the world except for green tea itself. Everything else was really yummy and cute of course! My favorite was the first tasting - a cup of tofu with a puddle of sweet stuff on top.  I can't describe it any better than that. 

Cold Feet

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I try to keep my footwear cute even if it's slushy or just unbearably cold outside. Most of my shoes won't even allow me to wear more than one pair of socks so that puts a lot of pairs out of the question. Cozy lining is key! My most recent acquisition is a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Erikson shearling lined boots during a Shopbop sale on sale. They are VERY warm, VERY comfortable and make me about 3" taller! I love how these look paired with my camel coat.

I've had these Tretorn boots for years now. They are festive and best for cold rain and slush...maybe snowfalls too. Some men have even complimented me on them. It's hard to tell, but these have a light layer of a faux fur lining in them too.  

I usually wear my Hunter lilac rain boots when it's slightly warmer out but they are just too lightweight for winter.  These are a kids size - they fit perfectly, are not as high + were cheaper than the adult ones! Last week, I finally gave in and bought a pair of their welly socks with a cozy cable knit cuff. I wasn't sure what would look best with lilac without it being too contrasty and I think gray is it! Now I can wear these on chilly days!

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