Isabel Marant pour H&M;

Saturday, November 16, 2013

After the Isabel Marant pour H&M kids sneakers sold out online almost right away while I was at work, I had little interest in hunting them down in stores. I really hate crowds due to what I call "competitive shopping". It's a serious illness, I tell you! Especially in NYC. That same evening I was in the area of the H&M on 5th Avenue Midtown West and decided to pop in because WHATEVER, right? I'm here. Let's do it.

There was a chilled out, gated off section of the store for Isabel Marant where there were mostly odd leftovers like oversized coats, jewelry, scarves and things that didn't make the initial cut with the crowds. Over in the kids section, amongst the faux Converse selection, there was one pair of slip ons my size (the largest size available for the kids shoes, women's 6.5). Lucky day! I grabbed them and left. They are just so cool. I love the tie dye quilted combo. For those still shopping, it's also worth mentioning that a lot of the kids sized wears can fit most petite adults - for way cheaper.

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