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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everything about blogging (reading and writing) is becoming just one of the things I am struggling to keep up with lately and that makes me very sad.  I am working at a new job that I am liking very, very much! The drawback is that I am temporarily working 10 hour days for another two months, making me one tired and busy bear.  It is a blessing in disguise and I am still actively connected because I'm too obsessed with the Internet for me to stray.

I am dedicating this post to all things social media, mandabear style. While I'm not always active on here, I update a lot on various platforms while I'm on the go. These are the places on the Internet where I am the most active on a daily basis! Well, I try. Let's get connected with each other!

Obviously... Also, I am on the hunt for a nice Twitter app for iPad because I think the official one is terrible. Any suggestions?

Okay, this is definitely my new obsession.  It's only for iPhone users I believe, which kind of stinks...but it's one of my go-to apps. It is like Foursquare meets Tumblr. I absolutely love it. The photo below I took today of the stairs leading up to one of the Opening Ceremony locations (super cute right?). My username is mandabear if you'd like to follow me and my NYC adventures!

I don't read my Tumblr feed as much as I used to because of Instagram, but I try to merge the two once in a while.  

I recently made a Facebook for my website to post updates and other things. It gets the least amount of action but I felt like it had to be done.

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