Sephora by OPI Rocker Chic Review

Saturday, July 31, 2010

After my pilates class today, I wandered into the Sephora down the block and I was really happy to see that the new Sephora by OPI collection, "Rocker Chic", came out so I can check them out in person.

I'll start with my not so favs.  My first reaction to the collection was: too much brown! 3 out of 9 shades are in the brown family: Dating the Drummer,  Studs & Stilettos and Do I Know You? (this one was more mauvey but I put it in the brown category anyway). I don't like brown on my nails, it's a bit gross to me.  3 browns are a bit overkill.  Also, the swatch for Dating the Drummer looked nice and glittery on the Sephora site but it really isn't.
Go My Own Way, Already Famous, Club Scene Queen

I ended up getting Go My Own Way, Already Famous and Club Scene Queen.  Go My Own Way is supposed to be a sheer muted teal blue, and it's actually really dark. It's almost black in certain lights.  I do like the metallic effect on this, it's really subtle.  Already Famous, to me, is the star of the collection. It's so pretty and glittery without being too much. It's neutral but not boring. Club Scene Queen reminds me of a toned down Absolutely Alice but the glitters are fine and there is no gold. It's very very pretty.  Anything with glitter in this collection is not chunky at all and are a breeze to remove.

They are marketing Just a Little Dangerous on the display as the trend color of the collection.  It's a metallic purple, which I found to be pretty but I wasn't in love with it or found it that special.  Rock His World is a cranberry and it is very on point for fall.  It's mature and wearable.  I liked it on my nails, but I couldn't pull the trigger on that one either.  Fiercely Fabulous is a new addition to their bright reds.  It's pretty, once again not that special but as a red shade, I liked it, just didn't need it.

So that's my rundown of the new Rocker Chic collection.  I tried doing swatches but they kept coming out so blurry!  I have the worst lighting in my apartment.  Flash didn't help either.  Oh well.  If you want them, I can try to post them another time, but they are true to the colors in the bottles.

And a tip if the top display seems to be missing some of the new colors: they are actually added to the bottom/permanent display as well, since they don't have enough spaces on top for this collection which is bigger than previous ones.

Oops I Went Shopping

Lately when I shop or browse, I have fall on the mind.  I love love love autumn in NYC even though it can sometimes get cut short if we have a late summer and then cold winter hits in December.  So if there's good timing, then there's a decent amount of cute outfit time.  My goal is to be extra cute this fall because one of my favorite things ever is good looking outerwear.  Cute coats > everything else.  I did a bit of shopping over the last two weeks.  The things I bought online I got this week so figure I'll share my goods!

I got rid of my Calgel nails yesterday.  It was easier than I thought.  All you need is pure acetone.  Mine came off in minutes!  It's been about 2.5 weeks since I painted my nails. I feel so weird about that, but I'm really excited to now!  I was at the CVS by my job and they put out the Milani "Haute Value" display.  I was really excited to see these because Gianna at Nouveau Cheap had posted about the new collection and it looked really cute.  They look great together as a collection but individually, most were dupe-able.  I picked up the blue, Tailor Made, and the jade/minty green, Dress Maker.  They aren't 100% opaque, but are are infused with a bit of shimmer that makes them a bit more unique and pretty. 
I have never shopped from Daily Candy's discount shopping site, Swirl, and was never really into the brands they feature to be honest, but when they do Dear Creatures sales, you have my full attention.  This line is so cute and so me.  I love their dresses but when I saw the Bloom coat, I had to get it.  It also comes in khaki, but I already have a khaki trench from Urban Outfitters.  It was priced really well at $79 with an additional $20 off promo.  It has cute anchor buttons and adorable polka dot lining.  Very excited to wear this come fall.

Remember back when I posted these black wedges from Urban Outfitters?  Well shortly after getting them and writing about them, I tested them out around my house and they were completely not walkable.  They were a bit too small.  I tried on a size up at the store and they were too big.  So those got returned and my hunt for some cute black wedges continued.  Then I found these Cole Haan ones  off this website, BHFO.  They were just under $60 including a discount code I found online for 15% off.  The ones from Urban were $50 and are surely not as cute as the Cole Haans.  They also have the comfy Nike Air footbeds, so I win.

Saved the best for last!  I've been clearing out my bag collection because I'm just completely over some of them.  I made a decent profit from selling them online, thankfully.  

I have been lusting over the Alexander Wang Rocco bag for quite a while now, but I refuse to spend $900 or anything close to this bag.  I know it's trendy but for some reason I think that I can make it work.  Gilt came to my rescue this week and had an Alexander Wang sale for both accessories and clothes.   Usually when Gilt has Wang accessories, they never ever have the Rocco because it's too popular.  This time they had the Rocco.  In at least 4 colors.  But this is the one that I had my eye on.  Especially after seeing Dakota Fanning toting this one around.  It's casual but edgy and has a vintage vibe.  It's BROWN and QUILTED. Aah! Okay, it's mine. And I'm not turning back.  No guilt or regrets here.  
The end!

Kickin' it in Keds

Thursday, July 29, 2010

When you work at a job that is casual and doesn't care what you wear, sometimes I figure, why bother wasting cute outfits and going through the hassle of wearing fierce shoes when your lame co-workers are the only ones that will see?  I understand the power of a good outfit - how it can transform your day and make everything good come straight to you because you are just feeling that awesome...but my job isn't worth the hassle. I am surrounded by really old people all day. 

Now, I don't dress like crap to work but I can honestly say that I save my cutest pieces for days I have plans after work and the rest for the weekend.  That's okay right?

Working out aside, I am usually anti-sneaker (I did go through a weird sneaker phase years ago though) but if I had to, my go to sneaker would have to be Keds.  I think they look really good with shorts and for some reason, they don't make my legs look even shorter than they already are.  I also like the old school factor of Keds, as they were a huge favorite of mine growing up.  So that's my shoe of choice lately when I don't feel like wearing shoes or if my pedicure got messed up and I can't wear sandals. I also have a pair in navy that isn't shown because I think they got lost in my bottomless pit of shoes.

Also yesterday I was at H&M and I found a pack of these Lisa Simpson socks by the register for $3 on I had to get them?

Bling of the Day: Giles & Brother

Friday, July 23, 2010

I wear this rhinestone heart ring by Giles & Brother when I wear simple outfits. I rarely wear it alongside other rings because it's just that pretty and sparkly on its own.  This ring has been getting compliments from others lately.  At first, I thought maybe my flashy jewelry loving self would be its only fan, but it really is a winner.  It looks like one of those rings that a boyfriend with a unique, good taste would get for someone perhaps.  But nope, I got it all by myself for myself at the Giles & Brother sample sale last month. I believe it's a true sample. Score!

What's in My E-Book?

Okay, before you make fun of me for what's in my e-book, do you like my bootleg Photoshop job? Copy, Paste, Scale.

Eat, Pray, Love is in my Sony Pocket Reader at the moment.  Talk about getting sucked in.  I blame the movie commercials with Julia Roberts.  I don't know, it just looks good!  I'm not picky about what I read so if something sparks my interest, I'll give it a whirl. 

I was reading reviews on Amazon and the people who gave it negative reviews said that the author complained way too much and talked too negatively.  I'm about a quarter of the way in, and I don't sense too much whininess, just the author running herself into a stream of consciousness a lot...just an active thinker.  I mean, we all get like that to the point of thinking until we hit the very backs of our heads.  Maybe I can relate?  I'm not exactly a sunshine & rainbows kind of thinker...but surely not a complainer.  So I think the negative reviews made me want to read it more because I could tell that I might be like this person.

I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished.

shameless want: lululemon

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I recently joined a new yoga studio.  So far I really really enjoy it.  I am currently on a New Student plan which is $40 for one month of unlimited yoga (they also have tai chi and pilates) so that explains where I am after work lately.

Somehow with this new hobby also comes with this desire to get some practical but overhyped yoga clothes.  Or at least an awesome pair of yoga pants?  I really don't know why, to be honest.  I wear Target gym shorts and a tank and I'm good...but I just can't help but be a bit curious!

I keep hearing all these amazing things about lululemon, which upfront appears to be some cult of really overpriced but environmentally friendly workout clothes.  $98 pants, $52 tank tops, $40 sports bras...unreal.  Yet I still want to slip into a pair of their yoga pants!  And maybe a tank top.  From what I read online, they are supposedly comfortable, look and fit nicely, the pants make your butt look good, don't stretch out and get worn out after numerous wears and washes.  I have visited a couple lululemon locations, and of course checked out the sale sections (not that much cheaper) in hopes of finding something I can wear and love and not break the bank.  Nothing for me at the moment, but I'm not ruling it out of a future shopping trip.

Urban Outfitters "Let's Make Up" Event

Friday, July 16, 2010

Since I was getting my nails done a few blocks away from the Urban Outfitters Soho location yesterday, I decided to head over to the "Let's Make Up" event that they were holding for the new cosmetics lines they recently started selling.  I wasn't going to go originally because really, do I need more makeup?  But it was so close by! I can't resist a beauty event.  They were giving out free manicures, but I think mine takes the cake so I was good :).

The event was held upstairs where they usually have housewares.  They cleared the space and had different makeup stations for select brands like Stila, Anna Sui, Manic Panic, Pixi, Demeter, Lipstick Queen and the manicure stations using Urban Outfitters polishes.  They were doing demos and I originally read on the ad that they were having sales on certain items but most of the brands just offered me retail prices, so I'm not sure how true that was.  
Anyways, there were goodie bags for those who made *a* purchase from the event.  Any price!  I'm such a sucker for goodie bags and the silkscreened totes filled with unknown beauty goods looked awfully pretty lined up behind the cash register.  Everything seemed to be around the $20+ price range.  Not reaaally what I was looking to spend.  So the beauty nut in me looked around at all the items, trying to pick up the best bang for my buck. Urban Outfitters nail polish seemed like a good deal at $5, but I decided to go with the Stila It Girl Palette.  That really is the best bang for your buck. 3 full sized eyeshadows for $10 including the infamous Kitten shadow.  I  had my eye on the It Girl Palette since they released it at its affordable price, so my friend Daniela and I both got one and then got goodie bags.

The goodie bags were filled with hit or miss items: Japonesque Touch Up Tube, Manic Panic Dye (in red. anyone want this? haha), NYX Glitter Cream Palette, NYX lipstick, LucyB tinted lipgloss, Cake Beauty body wash, Medusa's Makeup mascara and Demeter perfume.  I think I am most excited for the Japonesque Touch Up Tube Brush Set. Can't have too many brushes! (Mine are always gross and dirty. Ugh)

Some more photos from the event:

My Calgel Nail Adventure

Calgel nails have always been on my "To Try" list.  Last week, my friend Daniela and I broke down and made appointments at Marie Nails in SoHo.  Since then, we have been talking about it this whole week out of anticipation!  I don't know why these things get me so excited but today was also just one of those days where I wanted some instant gratification.

I chose the berry pink color which is pretty safe.  Daniela chose a pink that was a bit more neon.  The gradation effect came out looking flawless.  I hope I don't have any interviews coming up. because these are not going to help me out in that area.  I love them now, but the ultimate test is seeing how long they hold up and how good they look after the expected lifetime (about two to three weeks). 

If you have never had the Calgel experience, it's basically this colored gel stuff in little pots that they paint on your nails and it hardens under a UV lamp, making them look slick and perfect.   It's a different formula than nail polish.  The girls at Marie Nails were super nice and they also offer free removal for your Calgels.  You just call and make an appointment for removal!  I'm a bit scared that this may become a nail addiction but I kind of think it's worth the money - fun nails that last for weeks.  If you live in NYC, I do recommend checking out this place.  There are some other nail salons that do Calgel that I have yet to try, but so far I've had one good experience!

Now I don't have to paint my nails for a while...It's kind of bittersweet.

Marie Nails, 155 Prince Street, New York, NY, 646-370-4170

A Postcard From Knut

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look what came to me in the mail yesterday! I was overjoyed to receive a postcard from my good friend Danielle who is currently traveling in Europe.  It was the only piece of mail in my mailbox.  Danielle visited Knut at the Berlin Zoo recently.  <3 that bear.  I don't care if Knut is big (and scary) now, I still think he's cute and a superstar.

I gave baby Knut a sugarbunny magnet friend on my fridge.

Thanks Danielle and Knut.

Urban Outfitters Jewelry Studio

Urban Outfitters just launched their Jewelry Studio which is their "higher end" jewelry selection of indie-ish designers that are pretty well known in the accessories world. They are selling Species by the Thousands and Bijules (two favs of mine) along with Lizzie Fortunato, Dara Ettinger, Calourette, and more. I like that they are reaching out to more customers with these designers and are selling actual pieces from their current collections, and not cheap versions.

I squealed silently to myself here at work when I saw that they are now selling Calourette, a super cute jewelry line from France.  It can get a bit on the kiddie side, but some of their pieces are really great. As the page was loading I was like, please please please have the paw ring!  But no, they don't have it unfortunately.  They just have the creepy fingers ring.  I guess if I really want it, I will have to figure out how to order it off their site.  International ordering confuses me.

M is for Madewell and Matt Bernson

I couldn't stay away from the Madewell sale that I wrote about not too long ago.  I haven't been back since but I was hanging out in SoHo so I decided to wander back in.  Luckily, the Extra 25% Off Sale is still going on.  There weren't that many new items added since I went, but they did stock up on additional sizes in tops that I was interested in last time but my size wasn't available.  Madewell has really nice tees.  They are so comfortable and are just a step above your everyday t-shirt.  I picked up these two for about $15 together which is an awesome deal, considering that each one retails for $48!

Last week I checked out the Oak sale that they were having in the basement of their Bond Street store.  It was only a bit of a shit show - crowded with one shopping/walking lane each for ladies and guys and it was ridiculously hard to maneuver and try things on, even shoes.  I think amongst all the quirky pieces that I know I can't pull off, I did come out with a pair of $40 (all cash, no tax) Matt Bernson Barracuda sandals which I'm so so excited about!  They retail for $178!  Hello score.

I have always wanted a pair of Matt Bernson sandals and from what I hear about the actual sample sales, they sound a bit over the top crazytown.  I'm glad I scored here.  I tried on another pair of Matt Bernson sandals at the Oak sale and while they were super comfortable, they had thick ankle straps making the shoe less cute.  They also made my legs look really stumpy.  So I passed on those.  I love the Barracuda style. They have thin straps, making them more feminine and the black tiny pyramid studs across the top and around the ankle give a subtle edge.

M.I.A. Record Release Party at P.S.1

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tonight was the (not so) secret M.I.A. concert/record release party at P.S.1 in Queens.  To get a invite was really simple - you just had to pre-order her new album, /\/\ /\ Y /\, at Opening Ceremony and if you are one of the first 50 to pre-order, you get an invite with a +1.  My friend Jon got the tickets and it was a secret location up until about 4 hours before the show started.  I was really excited that it was in Queens because I live here and it wouldn't take that long for me to commute.  I also love P.S.1.  What was really awesome was that they did not let it get too overcrowded.  I considered it to be a small show that COULD have been a really great turnout but it doesn't always happen that way.

Hipsters love open bar.


Rye Rye performed.

M.I.A. comes out shortly after Rye Rye. It's nice outside, everyone is having fun.  She did a song and then said that she couldn't hear herself and kind of threw a fit on stage, someone came out + said something to her which caused her to throw her mic, shoes + sunnies out to the audience and storm off the stage. 

After that whole debacle, people started to say that the party was moving upstairs, meaning inside the P.S.1, which is an art space, so there was air conditioning in there.  But for some reason not in the room she was to perform in.  So we make it in after being smooshed in a riot of people who were pissed/confused.  The show is now on the 3rd floor and in a room that looked like it was set up beforehand, with M.I.A.'s videos up on the wall, a DJ already all seemed so oddly planned, like why did she have a fit in the first place outside, making the new location seem like a last minute plan when it clearly wasn't?

So we were stuck in this room that was a zillion degrees and she ended up not going on for about an hour.  When she finally did, she sang for one song and got off the stage.  Again.  I believe she did come back on, but we had already left at this point because it was just too much to handle.  And I think I would have passed out from dehydration if I stayed.  I do like M.I.A. and even though I'm not a fan of her latest album I still thought this would've been a really fun show, had they kept the party strictly outside.  Oh! and my friend Jon took the pictures below of Rye Rye having her own little dance party.

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