Monday, July 5, 2010

New Sephora by OPI Collection!


Ooh pretty new nail collection from Sephora by OPI, currently only available on (scroll all the way down to the last of the color selection).  No talk on these yet since they are still promoting the Havana Nights Collection.  The shades look really fun, not too dark, but they can still be considered fall colors.

Based on the names, there is surely a "rocker" theme going on.  When I think of a rocker trend, I think of punky tweens at Hot Topic.  On the flip side, for this collection I get an Almost Famous meets The Runaways vibe, which makes me like it a lot.  I think that's what they were going for anyway, since there's no sign of black or anything close to black!

Names and descriptions are as followed starting from the first shade:
  • Club Queen Scene - sheer smoky gray with fine blue glitter
  • Go My Own Way - sheer muted teal blue with fine blue glitter
  • Just a Little Dangerous - opaque metallic amethyst
  • Fiercely Fabulous - opaque poppy red
  • Rock His World - opaque deep cranberry
  • Do I Know You? - opaque dusty rose beige
  • Dating the Drummer - sheer warm walnut with fine holographic glitter
  • Studs & Stilettos - opaque metallic mahogany
  • Already Famous - sheer pewter with medium champagne and silver glitter.
Club Queen Scene sounds pretty amazing.  I'm also intrigued by Go My Own Way, Fiercely Fabulous (even though it doesn't seem particularly unique), Studs & Stilettos (I predict this one might be a popular one for those who like dirty grey/browns) and Dating the Drummer.  The only thing I wonder about is how sheer Club Queen Scene and Go My Own Way are, and how it will look on nails. 

What do you think of this new collection?  Do you have your eye on any of these shades based on the little swatches and descriptions?  I have a 10% off V.I.B. coupon so I was thinking of using it on a few of these :)
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