Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kickin' it in Keds

When you work at a job that is casual and doesn't care what you wear, sometimes I figure, why bother wasting cute outfits and going through the hassle of wearing fierce shoes when your lame co-workers are the only ones that will see?  I understand the power of a good outfit - how it can transform your day and make everything good come straight to you because you are just feeling that awesome...but my job isn't worth the hassle. I am surrounded by really old people all day. 

Now, I don't dress like crap to work but I can honestly say that I save my cutest pieces for days I have plans after work and the rest for the weekend.  That's okay right?

Working out aside, I am usually anti-sneaker (I did go through a weird sneaker phase years ago though) but if I had to, my go to sneaker would have to be Keds.  I think they look really good with shorts and for some reason, they don't make my legs look even shorter than they already are.  I also like the old school factor of Keds, as they were a huge favorite of mine growing up.  So that's my shoe of choice lately when I don't feel like wearing shoes or if my pedicure got messed up and I can't wear sandals. I also have a pair in navy that isn't shown because I think they got lost in my bottomless pit of shoes.

Also yesterday I was at H&M and I found a pack of these Lisa Simpson socks by the register for $3 on I had to get them?