Oh, Pat Kiernan

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Truth: I do not know one New Yorker with a television who isn't utterly charmed by Pat Kiernan.

Comedian Dave Hill just started a "comedy talk show" at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn and one of the guests for tonight's premiere was NY1's Pat Kiernan.  I don't want to say a big (more like huge) part of why I came was to see Pat, but yes it totally was.  And I think the same for just about everyone else in the audience.  Dave's a funny guy, I knew that already.  Same with Michael Showalter, who was also a guest.  

All I can say is if you thought Pat's sarcastic and witty tendencies were epic on NY1, he's naturally just as funny - if not more hilarious - outside the news realm. After an interview with Dave Hill, some on the spot "In the Papers", trivia session and reciting the weather to Doug Gillard playing the NY1 weather music on guitar...it's inevitable, Pat delivers the funnies for real.  What a treat!

(I should have warned some of you that this entry was pretty New York centric.  To clear up a little confusion, Pat is a news anchor for NY1 that is very much loved here in NYC but you may also know him as the host of the game show The World Series of Pop Culture that aired on VH1 a few years ago!)

Big thanks to Pat who gave this post a little mention on his website, Pat's Papers!
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