Cali Road Trip Part 4: Haight-Ashbury + FOOD

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Visited Haight-Ashbury while in San Fran.  They have a lot of vintage stores, maybe 2-3 on each block.  I did browse a lot.  Wasteland was a good vintage store and it seems like Buffalo Exchange consistently disappoints, even across the country. While I thought that I would be shopping on Haight-Ashbury the most, I actually didn't want a thing!   

Later that evening we headed to the Fort Mason Center parking lot for Off The Grid, which is a food truck lover's dream come true.  Because the lines are so long, you have to be strategic about what you want.  I ended up going with Onigilly seaweed snacks and a deconstructed samosa from Curry Up Now.  The only bummer was that all of the dessert was sold out from every truck/booth halfway into the event - no more creme brulee, cupcakes...everyone was cleared out!  Luckily my friend Michael and I managed to score the last two Banana/Dulce de Leche empanaditas sold at the El Porteno stand.  It was like winning the lottery or something.  I brought it back to my hotel, ate it with a cup of hot chocolate and called it a night.  

I also fell in love with this dog at Off the Grid. How cute is he?

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