Cali Road Trip Part 5: Visiting the Tanner Residence

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It was a lovely, clear morning and we were on our way out of San Francisco and onto somewhere amazing (you'll find out in the next update, but you may already know if you follow me on Twitter).  I wasn't leaving San Francisco without visiting the Full House house. It is only shown for a few seconds in the opening credits but to me, it has quite the monumental status in SF.  The red door is gone as it was sold to a neighbor a while ago (I did my research!).  It was a pretty amazing site to see and yes, I am standing on someone else's property and I do not care. Full House was a huge favorite of mine growing up, TGIF style. Another pop culture dream come true!

During our last night at Hotel Diva, we were pretty tired so I stayed in my usual/favorite element - parked in front of my MacBook of course. We also picked up some spicy tofu ramen next door at Katana-Ya.  I would never slurp ramen in bed but when I'm on vacation I become RECKLESS!  Not really.
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