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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Fantastic World of Jim Henson at the Museum of the Moving Image

Jim Henson is such a cool dude with such a unique sense of humor. The weird but good type of humor that I feel like I share with my closest friends, if that makes any sense. When you go to this exhibit, you'll notice that there isn't a large amount of puppets on display...However, the projects that were from before my time were really worth seeing and learning about.   

A prime example would be this commercial:

Some other neat finds from the Museum of the Moving Image:
Another childhood favorite. I love you Lamb Chop!

Lots of Flintstones stuff.

A Pong machine.

Mork, Bill Cosby, Annie Hall
Chewbacca head.


A very interesting C-3PO tape dispenser.

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