I Found A New Winter Coat

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I find it extremely hard to find a cute winter coat. There are many stylish ones out there, but I have a hard time believing they are warm for NYC winters. I think wool can only take you so far, and you can only wear so many layers til you can no longer bend your arms. The latter is my current winter method and it makes me feel pretty lame and not to mention, quite fug.

I kind of hate puffer coats but I think my recent find (thanks to my sis) from Kenneth Cole is a really great way to wear a puffer without feeling HUGE! What I love about this coat: it’s down filled, it has a cinched waist (this was mandatory on my hunt), and has a stylish big collar…I love big collars! Anyways, much love to this coat, I already tried it on at the store and then ordered online because I ended up getting it for about $60. Not bad, right? I am so excited for my new coat. So excited that I bought two, the purple and the grey for a lighter option. The grey looks much better in person. If it had a hood, I’d be 100% happy but I’m pretty close!

December Favorites

* LOST Season 5 DVD Set: YES!

* Blackberry Tour: My most recent cell phone acquisition. I am obsessed and it blows the Curve out of the water. Mine has a pink Seidio case and a Lisa Frank theme!

* Rebecca Minkoff 3-Zip Morning After Bag in Black Haze: This bag is really cute and so practical to carry. The leather wears well. I’ve worn it during a snow storm and sometimes even the rain (oops) and so far it’s held up nicely.

* Taffy: I started breaking in a box full of “Goofy’s Candy Co.” Taffy from Disneyworld, which was from about 2 months ago, but whatever, still edible.

* Benefit Sugarbomb blush: This blush is SO amazing. A perfect peachy pink glow and it smells sweet.

* Kat Von D Eyeliner in Trooper: This eyeliner does not budge for at least a good 10 hours or more, depending on your skin type. I wear this everyday.

Sea Friends

Friday, December 18, 2009

I exchanged gifts with my friend Jewlie the other day while on a Pinkberry date. I gave her fierce nail polish and she gave me sea animal erasers. As you can tell, these two girls right here are quite easy to please.

Winterizing Me

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I HATE WINTER! I always feel very much in the dumps during the winter, about 20 pounds heavier, and once it hits below freezing, I kind of stop trying. To avoid completely letting myself go, I like to make sure I have cute accessories for winter. A nice, dark, non-black bag is a change from my collection of colorful ones, and I always love to wear earmuffs. I love my wine colored Botkier Trigger bag. It seems to attract quite the stank eye from girls on my subway platform…not sure if that’s good or bad but whatever. The faux furry earmuffs are from Target…they are super cute on.

I Can't Believe This Is Real

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let the Marathon-ing Begin

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