Holy Moly New Favorite Nail Color

Friday, January 29, 2010

This is my new favorite nail color. I have it on right now and it’s amazing.
It’s Barielle “Slate of Affairs” and it’s a perfect denim blue. It’s noticeable but not too bright.
I highly recommend. LOVE.

My Little Earmuff Collection

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earmuffs are a winter staple for me. I got all of these over the last few years. I was clearly on something when I got the polar bear and heart ones but they are pretty funny! I actually wore the polar bear ones out a few times but I don’t remember if I wore the heart ones. Maybe I should wear the polar bear ones to the upcoming LOST Season 6 Premiere Party…

I caved and got a black pair of those behind the head earmuffs recently, and I must say, I LOVE them…They are by 180s and were kind of expensive but worth it. They are so warm and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately when it’s freezing and windy. Missing from this picture are a pair of pink glittery ones from the H&M kids section I bought years ago that I love and I don’t know where they are anymore.

Latest Prize Haul (It's Huge!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

I wrote in my last prize winning post that I won something else that was pretty crazy. It arrived just the other day so here it is!

A couple weeks ago, China Glaze (another one of my favorite nail brands) was giving out 9 sets of their nail polish on their Twitter over the course of 3 days. Each set has 50 nail polishes, mainly glitters and creams. That is a HUGE prize, especially for those who like their NAILS DID. All I had to do was re-tweet something once a day for the duration of the contest. Then they randomly picked 3 winners each day and I won on the last day! I usually don’t have good luck with random picking contests, so I feel incredibly lucky!

Of course, I won’t be keeping ALL of these because a lot of colors are similar to each other and I don’t have much room. I’ll probably share some with friends or do a giveaway here on my site. Otherwise I’ll have to turn my apartment into an in-house nail salon…not happening!

I love you China Glaze! Thanks for having this amazing contest!

My Most Recent Twitter Follower...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glee Open Casting Call: I Wish.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ooooh a Glee Open Casting Call! I wish I can audition. Unfortunately, I am talentless and am only eligible age-wise for the next 3.5 months. I bet they are auditioning for a new Cheerio, and two new Glee Club hopefuls. Cheerios are funny because they are so stupid. But they need a new head Cheerio since Quinn is preggers. I’m not quite head cheerleader material so that is out of the question. And does the Glee Club really need another Asian like myself? They already have two. I mean, one’s a breakdancer for crying out loud. Once you have an Asian breakdancer, you don’t need much else. I’m interested in seeing who they cast, but probably more excited for the show to come back in April!

I Love Prizes

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It’s true. I work at a job where, like most, I am glued to my computer. Sometimes when I get tired I have to take a break from my Microsoft Word ‘97 and play online. It pays to follow companies on Twitter cuz you win PRIZES! I love when there are Twitter giveaways. Zoya (@Zoya_Nailpolish), a brand I absolutely love, had one recently where I had to be one of the first 5 to retweet something and I won these lovely Ultra Glitter polishes below. I just got them yesterday. Aren’t they fabulous? I’ve got a mean cold right now and these made my day! Thanks Zoya!

The colors are Astra, Luna and Nova and you can purchase them here at ArtofBeauty.com for $7 each. Might I also add that they have the best nail polish remover too. It smells great and doesn’t dry out your nails.

I also won another CRAZY prize on Twitter just the other day that I will also have to share when it arrives because it’s that AMAZING! I’ve had good luck lately. Or maybe just fast fingers.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

I’m in! LOST Season 6 Premiere Party, February 2nd, The Bell House in Brooklyn. $25 well spent. Get yo tickets here. See you in the front row, brotha.

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