My Etsy Shop Featured in Lucky Magazine!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey hey, check me out in Lucky Magazine's most recent issue for December 2010! Well it's not me, it's my Etsy shop, Manderz (I just went with my Etsy username from when I joined a few years ago).  I make unique, one of a kind, 1" buttons from magazine clippings and vintage publications of anything that looks good fit into a 1" space.  I'm mostly inspired by colors, textures, and fun designs and then I group them together into sets that seem to make sense but not always.  It's a pretty fun concept that gives a bit of nostalgia, even for myself being that I wore tons of band buttons in my teen years.  Feel free to shop around if you like what you see!

I am currently in California on a road trip but when I come back I hope to have more buttons for sale!  (Confession: I ran out of button parts and whatever is for sale is all I have left in stock).  If you do place an order now, it won't get sent out until next week when I'm back home. 
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