Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go to Madewell Now! - Extra 25% off Sale

I hit up Madewell in SoHo yesterday after work because they are having an extra 25% off Sale sale in stores only for a limited time.  I was trying to be reasonable with my purchases without letting the sale sway me into some impulse shopping.  But I did find some awesome things. If you live in NYC, I hope this helps you out if you are looking for some chic denim or fun tops! I <3 Madewell!

 To the best of my memory, here is a rough rundown of the pricing after the discount.

If you want to see some of the styles I listed, they are here on the website.

  • Jeans - $15 (there are LOTS of styles and sizes and if you love jeans, then go because this is the best deal)
  • Detailed/embellished tank tops - $15
  • Plain and embellished T-shirts - $7.50-$12
  • Cyprus Sandal - $52
  • Simple Espadrilles + Bensimon Sneakers - Forgot the price but they were most likely under $30
  • Shorts - $30 (very limited sizes and styles left)
  • Vests - $30
  • Cardigans - Around $60
  • Floaty Floral Tops - $55
  • Jackets & Blazers - I didn't look too much at these, but I'd say they were around the $60 range. 

What did I get? A few adorable $7.50 t-shirts....but my favorite find was a pair of these biker legging jeans in the color anvil which is a dark dark blue.  Oh my god, they are amazing!  And retail for $98.50!  They have seams going down the back of the leg with ankle zippers.  And really cute slanted zippered pockets on the front.  And as a fan of jeggings, this was the ultimate score for $15.  I'm 5'1" and they are a perfect length.

I really wanted the legere ruffled vest and sheer layering vest, but they were still priced a bit more than I wanted to spend, even with the discount, so I had to pass.

Some stuff is still expensive, but this is a good sale if you are looking to replenish your summer wardrobe with pretty tank tops, tees and denim.

Overall, a successful shopping trip without breaking the bank. Always a yay.
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