Fashion trends of the winter 2019

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

We all know that fashion comes in cycles and constantly repeats itself. The proof for this is the winter collection of 2019 in which you can find references to a Victorian era, as well as some trends from the 80's fashion. Oversize coats, eccentric jeans and knitted clothes can be all found in the latest runways looks. Caps, leather raincoats and wild prints continue to stay in trend too.

In general, the most outstanding features of the winter collections that can be distinguished are the cowboy style, futurism, underwear style, animal prints, floral patterns, fake fur, fringe, large beads and patchwork, as well as shiny neon and metallic fabrics.

Over the past 5 years, practicality, comfort and casual style have been promoted widely by the designers. Is the winter going to bring about something fresh or these tendencies continue? Read below to find out what has been prepared for us in the new cold season.

  • Elegantly flowing in the wind, fringe is now extremely cool trend. You can implement it onto coats, dresses, skirts and even bags to look trendy this winter.

  • Spring-summer pastel shades have now gone. Acid lime, vivid pink and neon blue shades are all popular. The accessories in this color palette such as scarfs or small bags can be combined with the casual outfits.

  • An old simple classic, a check does not lose its position and still stays in fashion for the many seasons. Choose this pattern in every color and size you want and what is even more, combining two different types of check in one outfit is a top-notch style for this winter.

  • High-wasted clothes and leather belts with massive buckles that accentuate the waistline as much as possible – yes, the silhouette dictated by fashion now is all about the attention being put to the waist.

  • To cut the long story short, the most popular fabrics when it comes to this season’s jeans are velvet, leather and knitwear. The most outstanding and fashionable styles are boyfriends, mom-jeans, bell bottoms and skinnies.

  • It made its return from the autumn collections 2 years ago to quickly become your easiest autumn trends appealing even to those who choose comfort over trends. Can be combined with high-knee boots, bell-bottoms or animal patterned boots.

  • Get your favorite little black dress out of the closet, put it on and you will be on the peak of fashion in this season! Easy as it is, you should combine the basic dress with some more loud details, though. We also recommend buying a black leather trench, eco-leather leggings and a black pencil skirt, and boldly mix elegant total-black bows.

  • The provocative trend of the 70's made it comeback in 2018 and designers from different brands are now making incredibly short mini-dresses. Small flowers patterns and a metallic tint will bring even more attention to the outfit though it leaves little to imagination as such.

So this winter has a lot to show us and if you are dedicated to look fashionable this season, try just some of these trends, not to go over the top and become a fashion victim. 


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