Cold Spring Antiques

Sunday, September 1, 2013

vintage salt and pepper shakers

vintage coke bottles

vintage poodle

vintage troll dolls

vintage buttons and pins

vintage mickey mouse

Happy September! Spent a couple days up in Cold Spring and just got back yesterday. This quiet little town happens to have everything I love: a street filled with really good antiques to pick through, an apothecary shop, the best popsicles, the biggest scoops of ice cream, cute brunch spots and views that are nice enough for this city girl. I can't wait to go back for a hike to truly enjoy some fall foliage.

While I came home empty handed (but full bellied), I did see some really cool things that I had lots of fun taking photos of. If only I had a car to lug back some of this stuff! We are moving again in a couple months so taking home new housewares isn't the brightest idea but maybe later on once I figure out my living situation.


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