All of the information below is gathered through obsessively watching Jersey Shore and “creeping” on Snooki’s Twitter.

  • She can do backflips!  This is purely about backflips alone.  Not the fact that she did them with no underwear on.  In a dirty club.  With JWOWW battling closeby, barefoot.

  • Pickles! She loves them.  I love them.  Buuuut I don’t eat them anywhere close to how she does.  I won’t even try.

  • Girl gets a good makeunder courtesy of Life & Style and reverts right back to the gaudy white clip/pouf combo. 

  • She watches good old school Nickelodeon shows like Doug(!) on YouTube.

  • She shops at outlets.  Although I’d be very surprised if she has not received a custom bedazzled Ed Hardy dress yet, she did go shopping at Woodbury Commons to find her New Years Eve Dress.

  • Everything she says is pretty amazing: “I tried to eat but I couldn’t get it in my freakin’ mouth ‘cause I’m disabled.”

  • She fights hippos in pink furry slippers.