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22 March 09

BHARMA - The Best Bar That I Have Never Been To

Where have I been? No really, where the hell have I been? I consider myself a Lostie, but I guess not because I just found out about this place through another Lostie that just found out about this place. Sorry Jacob, I guess I am banned from your island.

This is BHARMA, a LOST themed bar in Barcelona. So amazing and so not fair! The outside has a brightly lit Dharma inspired logo and the magic numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Inside has the tail end of Flight 815 sticking out of the wall. All the drinks have white Dharma labels. They have LOST trivia nights and viewings. The DJ spins Petula Clark’s “Downtown” and everyone goes crazy. I want to go here SO bad! If I ever find myself crossing paths with Barcelona, I will be going here for sure for I am OBSESSED!

(Pictures from Bharma.com)

Also if you like those white Dharma beer labels above, you may enjoy what I’m about to share if you:

  • are having a LOST themed island party
  • heart Desmond and want to give your home a LOST/Hatch feel, brotha
  • love LOST, lost your job and now have a lot of time on your hands

Max Pictures made Dharma labels for everything ranging from peanuts to cake mix to eye drops. It’s hard to think of my Trader Joes snacks’ cute packaging covered up with these serious business labels…But I still love this idea and hope someone out there Dharmas out their whole kitchen. Check out Max Pictures’ Lost Labels For Your Dharma Initiative Needs

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